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Chic TV Storage

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TV Storage

I don’t think I am the only designer to really strongly dislike large televisions..especially in the main living area of the home. It becomes such a focal point and just kills the whole ambience of the room screaming technology..and sometimes on top of that dated ! What to do..it is always a question at least to me as a designer but not so much with my clients. It is seen as a given that there will be a large..sometimes extremely large black screen in this room period. I do not remember a time this has not been a problem [ok a couple of design jobs it hasn’t been]. It is not only a reoccurring problem  but one that has grown in size..literally! So..again I am having a conversation this week with a client concerning the new master bedroom  where I have to find a wall space for… you guessed it, a good sized TV. There is no need for discussion as if we were talking about a toilet that has to be in the bathroom. I am again reviewing sourcing to see if there is a gadget that has come out this year  which involves pushing a button to make TV’s appear and disappear. I did not see anything close to that and everything that does a good job at making the situation go away with tracks and a remote is super expensive..like thousands of dollars. So here are some solutions I have come up with that will not break the budget and still do the best job at concealing the monsters. Let me know what you think!

The pic above with the vintage map on a roller [think old time grammar school] works! This could also be a vintage poster put on a roller!

TV Storage

This cabinet has motorized track to lift a panel to open and close the TV space. The back of the TV has perforated metal to all heat to escape.

TV Storage

Love this swivel panel in the wall to conceal the TV!

TV Storage

Panels on a manual track

TV Storage by Auton Invisible electronic track by Auton. This makes the artwork completely flush with the wall.

TV Storage

Electronic lift kits can be added to cabinets . These are also a product of Auton

TV Storage

This super-sized TV is actually built into a sliding wood door frame.

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Popham Design in Marrakech

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pophamdesign Marrakech

This is where the tile is produced for Popham Design. It is a small building down a dirt road outside of Marrakech. Several amazing craftsmen were tending to the various stages of their production when I arrived that day. To arrange a visit, I had emailed Caitlin and her husband Samuel, the owners , to see if it was possible for me to come by and see their place during the week I was going to be in Marrakech. We coordinated a time and she gave me the directions for the driver. When I arrived in September a couple of years ago, I received some furnishings from Thomas Mensendiek that had been purchased at auctions in Paris. Their office was packed wall to wall with [from what I could see] amazing pieces! They apologized for the disorganized office situation and told me the furnishings were for a home they had purchased outside the medina in the Gueliz. Caitlin then went on to tell me that she is usually so much more organized but, they had received two other orders of carpet besides the one I was looking at and their interns had taken a week long backpacking trip. She then went on to say that she was glad she wasn’t in the states anymore because when they were in the states they had their fair share of OSHA inspections and this was definitely a hazard according to the OSHA inspection checklist. We all had a good laugh and they went on to show me the amazing furniture and some other pieces that they would be using in upcoming shoots. So..this month when I received my Elle Decor  magazine I actually got to see the interiors of the renovated Dowe-Sandes home with those great pieces from France they had hand picked. Congratulations Samuel and Caitlin..c’est magnifique!






popham design dowe-sandes

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