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Yoga in Asheville NC

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Mantis Gardens [ our bungalow]

I took some time this month from my computer and interior design world to do something just for me. It was a three week hiatus from multi-tasking, the computer, TV, coffee, sugar [mostly], and a car! It was just one task each day I had which was to get up and walk to the Asheville Yoga Center to spend my day in a teacher training class. It scared me to death to be on someone else’s schedule with no room for me to “edit” my day. It was called an intensive and there is a reason for that! I spent eight to ten hours a day doing nothing but yoga or listening to lectures or observing other yoga teacher classes. I had a huge library to get through during this time as well with books that were..well not that easy to get through like Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and Iyengar’s Light on YogaBelieve it or not, the thing I had the most anxiety about was having a roommate I had never met and was twenty years my junior. Oh the things we waste time stressing about! As I am writing this as a new post -graduate, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Yes, all of the above were true and my mind and body were exhausted some of the long days when ibprofen and hot tea became my favorite companions. I had amazingly brilliant, funny, and challenging mentors and will miss my super fun and beautiful roomies!  Did I mention I got to meet twenty other fabulous yogis that were  from all over the US and Canada? We became a close-knit “family” for three weeks spending half of the hours of our days sometimes twisted up with each other’s sweaty bodies in positions that no longer qualified us as acquaintances!! The mornings of walking to the yoga studio from my bungalow up the inclines of my neighborhood were filled with smells of earth and flowers in the crisp early morning hours. Yes, I hope to return to Asheville in the near future to see and experience more of what draws so many to this area..the uncanny selection of fine dining spots, tubing on the refreshingly cool French Broad that runs through the city, hiking trails along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and finding some bluegrass bands to hang with for the evening…oh and, of course, a must will be finding some time for a class or two at AYC!


The chickens on our urban street owned by our landlord

ashevilleneighbor'ssunflowers  The neighbor’s front yard! So Happy!

ashevilleAYC mural

The mural wall of Asheville Yoga Center


Hours of Sun Salutations!

ashevilledobratearoom3One of our fav hangouts to walk to!


Inside Dobra Tea Room with its Moroccan vibe !


Asheville = Subaru + Stickers


Goodbye Asheville!

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The Island Dreams Are Made Of!

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SBH gouverneurbeach2


I cannot say enough about my trip down to St Barthélemy ! My children spent some of their summers packing up their horse tack boxes and swimsuits [yep..that about sums it up] to take off to this island where there was no one they knew for the next month they would have communication with. Also, did I say there were no cell phones or TV’s.. just morning hikes to the beaches like Grand Fond or Colombier, meeting other kids to go snorkeling around the old airplane wreck near Eden Rock, windsurfing lessons in the morning at  St Jean, sleepy afternoons in the hammocks, and meeting Laurie for a trail ride at her barn near Flammand. For a special treat, we would have lunch at Le Select or dinner maybe at the Vietnamese restaurant or go out to La Gloriette at Grand Cul de Sac for the evening eating on the beach.  Some evenings there would be a movie shown on the tennis court at the school in Lorient and the big event  of the month was a traveling tent circus from Spain to visit Colorado. Last week, I was back not with the children, as they are grown now, but back for a visit and some hiking , diving , and design inspiration. I met some new people like Brigitte Fassy at the  gallery called Clic Bookstore & Gallery in Gustavia.

This is a wonderful place that has everything we, books, and a small collection of unique clothing and bags. The gallery is owned by Christiane Celle, the former owner of Calypso St. Barth. Brigitte grew up with Christiane in Cannes and now runs the gallery in St Barths for her. You can certainly tell this is Christiane’s gallery. It is super chic! She invited me to the Phantoms of Eden art exhibit at Eden Rock Art Gallery by Jean-Charlesde Castelbajac and starting the 26th, there was an exhibit of his work at the Clic Bookstore & Gallery. My favorite home design store hands down is  French Indies Design in the Swedish building in Gustavia. Natalie has everything I love about design. Her store is amazing and I only wish I could ship the entire shop back to the US as it would not fit in my  luggage! There, of course, was not enough time to do all I wanted to do on the island..but  everyday I was in the water observing the most amazing fish you can imagine!!! I went diving with David, Didier, Jo Ann, and a few of their friends that meet on Sunday  morning and decide where they want to go that day. Their dive shop , La Bulle, is at the far end of the harbor in Gustavia. We ended up going to the marine preserve at the Isle Pain de Sucre.

The car accident attorneys was amazing and the company as well.

So, as my new friends Alex and Sugar Greaux told me, “you have to leave so you can come back!”  And I definitely will..à bientôt j’espère !

SBH clicbookstoreandgallery2

Clic Bookstore & Gallery



French Indies Design

SBH fwidesign3


French Indies Design

SBH edenrockartshow


Eden Rock Art Gallery



La Bulle 



After the dive..getting the tanks squared away.

SBH moke


There are a few left on the island!

SBH stbartbike2


One of the diver’s wheels!

SBH supermarche

Bring your own bags to the market because there is no plastic! Yay for St Barts!



My view each morning..

SBH view of petitanse

View of my place from the top of Colombier!

SBH st barts


Au revoir






































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