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E-Design Questionaire

E-Design Questionaire

E-Design Questionaire

First, we need to get a sense of your taste! We ask several design-oriented questions, and request digital photos of the rooms you want designed, as well as photos of the exterior of your homes. Then we need you to measure your rooms for us (we walk them through this part to make it easy). Once we determine your design direction (i.e. classic, modern, mid-century, eclectic, etc), we create a personalized master design plan!
Four to six weeks after placing an order, you will receive a design package for each room. This is what you will get for each room:

• a personalized design concept board (using color images, magazine tears, sketches, etc.) to be used for design inspiration for the room
• a detailed schematic furniture plan, drawn to scale, with specific furniture pieces selected and resourced
• a book of specific fabric materials, samples of wallpaper and/or paint, flooring, tile, and hardware
• a detailed shopping list of resources - both local and on-line - for all design elements
• a step-by-step explanation of how to pull all the elements of the presentation together using this personalized plan, you then can follow our parameters as closely or as loosely as you want.

Let’s Get Started

How To Measure Your Room
• Use a pencil to sketch out the existing layout [don't worry about scale] and be sure to include the locations of all windows, doors, and closets.

• Use a tape measure to measure each wall, corner to corner. record the sizes and locations of all openings and built-ins [doorways, pass-throughs, built-in bookcases, etc].

•Now measure each wall in detail: start at one corner of the room, measure the distance from the corner to the outside edge of the window casing, from there to the opposite edge of the window casing, from there to the edge of a built-in cabinet, and so on to the opposite

Other Helpful Information:

• Ceiling height for each room

• Location of all power outlets

• Height of windows and doors

• Location of windows on each wall

• Location of any wall sconce or ceiling lights



• Take a handful of digital photos of the room. be sure to include photos of the locations of windows and doors/doorways.

• Try to include a shot of the outside of your home or apartment building

• Take photos of any existing furniture, accessories or artwork that you really would like us to include in the design.


• Pull “tear sheets” from magazines and let us know what you love and what you don’t love in them!

• Send pictures of rooms you admire, even if you feel like they’re nothing like your own room.  

• Show us colors you love [and be sure you tell us which colors you don’t].

• Send a swatch of fabric(s) you’ve been saving

• Remember that the more you tell us about what you like, the more personal your design will be!

E-Design Cost

You decide how many rooms to design, from a powder room to an entire floor of rooms. Design fees for e-design are based on the average scope of design and size of the room. Living rooms, kitchens, and family rooms generally require more design and therefore cost a bit more.

Foyer 895
Powder rooms 895
Dining Rooms 1495
Bedrooms 1495
Home Office 1150
Bathrooms 1150
Living Rooms 1795
Kitchens 1795
Family Rooms 1495


Payment is made via Paypal before we get started on producing your great design package and after we've received your information. There are NO refunds after the process is started with payment.

Shipping Charges:

USPS Priority Mail 15
UPS Ground 20