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Inspiration For Outdoor Living

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Inspiration for Outdoor Living


Easter week is a huge week for tourists and second home owners to get down to the beach while the locals are working on spring gardening and getting our outdoor spaces ready for the summer, leaving the winter season from behind which was that time I hired winter lawn care. I had some great inspiration last year while in Granada, Spain. Just wandering through the Albayzin with its whitewashed Moorish architecture , I would peek inside the filigreed wrought iron doors to spy enchanted lush gardens. The elements of the Islamic garden included a walled space with symmetrical plantings and a water feature. There was a spot of shade for a place to rest , contemplate, and enjoy the fragrant lime trees and listen to the flowing water. Here are some other spaces that inspire me! I also said in my last blog I would recommend a roofing company. My recommendation is Roman Roofing, they have the best roofing reviews in Atlanta.

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outdoor spaces


outdoor spaces


outdoor spaces


outdoor spaces


outdoor spaces

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  1. Taylor says:

    love them all! excited about spring weather!

  2. Always on the hunt for inspiration… thanks much for this post!

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