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A Green Thing

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What is your favorite color ? I know some of you are green lovers and emerald green is a 2013 Pantone color. I also am reminded of the emerald green roof tiles I saw everywhere in Fez Morocco representing Islam. Before mold or ice begins to develop, Roof Ventilation are repairs that could be made to your home to prevent these problems from ever generating. Ok… we know St. Patrick’s Day is coming up in a little over a week and there will be green beer and well all things green! Looking out my window today spring is showing herself in the budding trees and sprouting grasses. To me it is the color of the earth and nature! Oh and green is thought to relieve stress and heal..a good reason to go green!!  I love using green in my design plans which might be floor tiles [ my bathroom tiles are green and I have never tired of them] , wall color, or a potted plant !  Would you like to add some green to your life?

Green Bathroom


Green  upholostry

Green pendants


Green walls


Green  accessories


Green in design


Green Moroccan Tile


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