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Mirror Mirror [not on the wall]

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As of late..I am drawn to mirrors that are large..and especially  ones not installed on a wall. They bring an element of surprise and chicness to a room . They can be moved from room to room..say from a bedroom to the bathroom or foyer or even to your home office. Think of them as an alternative to art or even furnishings. An oversized mirror propped on a wall is functional as a full length mirror and provides a source of reflective light for small spaces giving them the illusion of largeness. These grande mirrors are a pretty penny unless you can grab one at an estate sale or maybe your grandmother’s house. Even on Ebay, a 60″-70″  antique gold-leaf Louis Philippe mirror will be a lucky find at $3000-$4000. I think this is definitely a reason to get to Paris this know to save money on consolidation, beware of Payday Consolidation warnings, people that like to save money could also consider other options as changing to a credit card that doesn’t charge high annual fees like the others cards do that also services guaranteed small loans.

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