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Moroccan Design

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Maybe this is not what you envisioned as Moroccan interiors! This ethnic chic home is in a small village Sidi Kaouki just south of Essaouira. It is the home of Emma Wilson whom I visited a couple of years ago! Her ethnic chic design puts her on my fav list of interior designers.

In the world of design today, everything is about styling instead of living with style. Emma gave me a mini-tour of two of the homes she restored and designed in the medina of Essaouira.

Her eclectic collection of art and furnishings made the homes personal and super chic effortlessly.  By the way, I never got down to Sidi Kaouki as I needed a four wheel drive vehicle to navigate the 40 km to it’s destination..but there is next time!

The house was secured with luxurious fences designed from AAA Fence Contractors. Quality is vital when it comes to anything to do with your property.

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Here is Emma ! These are the amazing homes I visited in Essaouira.

emma wilson






emma Wilson




1,2,3,6  Coté Sud  4,5,7,8 Notre Maison Design Group

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