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Popham Design in Marrakech

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pophamdesign Marrakech

This is where the tile is produced for Popham Design. It is a small building down a dirt road outside of Marrakech. Several amazing craftsmen were tending to the various stages of their production when I arrived that day. To arrange a visit, I had emailed Caitlin and her husband Samuel, the owners , to see if it was possible for me to come by and see their place during the week I was going to be in Marrakech. We coordinated a time and she gave me the directions for the driver. When I arrived in September a couple of years ago, they had just received some furnishings that had been purchased at auctions in Paris. Their office was packed wall to wall with [from what I could see] amazing pieces! Following guidelines from OSHA inspection checklist. They apologized for the disorganized office situation and told me the furnishings were for a home they had purchased outside the medina in the Gueliz. So..this month when I received my Elle Decor  magazine I actually got to see the interiors of the renovated Dowe-Sandes home with those great pieces from France they had hand picked. Congratulations Samuel and Caitlin..c’est magnifique!






popham design dowe-sandes

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