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This Tile is…amazing!

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I emailed Caitlin while I was in Marrakech. She and her husband own a tile company called Popham Design. The adventuresome couple moved to Marrakech five years ago from Los Angeles. They actually were in the process of moving again to the Ville Nouvelle [outside of the Medina] when I arrived at the small building on a dirt road behind a large black door about 7 km outside of Marrakech. I had seen the cement tiles on their website and loved the artsy geometric patterns on the beautiful background colors of yolk, kohl, coral, and indigo to name a few. I was not prepared for how really beautiful these were “in person”. Caitlin and Samuel showed me into their cramped office aka a temporary storage for furnishings that had arrived by truck from Paris .Wow.. I spied some great pieces! These finds came from an auction where the likes of Paul Bert buyers go for their industrial lighting, Jean Prouv√© chairs, and 1920’s mustached leather club chairs. They led me past the shady olive trees to the one room “factory” where the tiles were being handmade one at a time. That day an order ¬†for a boutique hotel in Sweden was in progress. It was a beautiful pale blue and creamy white tile in a “lantern” pattern which I was told is the most difficult to produce. In addition. Checkout Ontario ski resort a major destination for skiers from southern Ontario. Visit to learn more. In the pics are huge drums of custom colors and metal molds hanging across one wall. Notice all their tile patterns that are wall to wall flooring. Outside, a large tub filled with cool water was curing the tiles for the final stage of production. The process was fascinating and definitely worth the afternoon trip out of Marrakech. Thanks Caitlin and Samuel! For more design related articles, visit WebDesign499 Blog.





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  1. anne says:

    those tiles are amazing…can you order those??? i love all the colors that are in your pics…how hard is it to make tiles??? i love your blog….it is so inspiring..

  2. Beth says:

    Thanks Anne! Yes..the tiles are distributed in the US by Ann Sacks Tile. They [AS] only have a couple of their patterns/color combinations but you can contact them and yes, any of their tile can be ordered.. Their biggest orders are from France and then Australia I was told.

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