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Green Inspiration

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I don’t know about your location but today at the beach it is 70 degrees and beautiful! The hyacinths and daffodils are pushing out of the ground and the bare limbs of my willow, fig, and orange trees have tiny green budding of leaves. Greens are everywhere against a backdrop of a clear blue sky! This time last year [well give or take a few weeks] I was in Tulum, Mexico and I came home to my arbor blooming and my garden full of chard, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs. Green is the color of spring and is my design inspiration of the month !





































Yal-Ku Lagoon Near Akumal, Mexico A great spot for snorkeling!

Leo in the hammock Yoga Shala Tulum  Loved this place!










My house and garden when I returned from Tulum










3 Responses to “Green Inspiration”

  1. dotty says:

    oh yeah! The green it is! And btw, the hammock is a lovely green but not as gorgeous as our friend, Leo!

    • Beth says:

      Great!!! You are right about Leo! Let me know when you want to discuss all for your place! Maybe this post will get you in the mood to put some energy into it!

  2. Ebeth says:

    Green! I miss this color! Let’s go back to Tulum! Is end of May too hot? Right after graduation?

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